[Assam] A comfortable bed for differently-abled persons (The Assam Tribune , 14.09.2019)

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A comfortable bed for differently-abled persons

  NORTH LAKHIMPUR, Sept 13 - Well-known innovator and Padma Shri awardee Uddhab Bharali has developed a comfortable bed meant for giving assistance to differently-abled persons.
Bharali dedicated his new invention, his 155th one to the differently-abled persons and patients who have been long bed ridden. Pressing a lever, the user of this bed can turn it to a comfortable position. The bed also has provisions for urinating and defecating and automatic cleaning systems, Bharali said. The bed also has a lever for attendants who can also operate it for the same services for the user. The bed also has provisions for the users to turn from one side to another without other’s help and for changing clothes.
Uddhab Bharali also said that he wanted to give two hours daily for the cause of differently- abled persons in his workshop at North Lakhimpur. The innovator is also running an old age home for helpless elderly women in North Lakhimpur and taking care of 15 poor families.

It may be mentioned that Uddhab Bharali’s workshop in North Lakhimpur is the only one in the country making devices for the differently-abled free.


(The Assam Tribune , 14.09.2019)
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