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Are Kompito | Sri Sri Madhavdeva | Anurag Saikia | Mizee | Borgeet | Assamese Devotional Song

Zeal Creations Presents - PROJECT BORGEET : https://youtu.be/W4nYbrPvUYQ

Assam, when it comes to Original Music, has an enriching history and overwhelming heritage. Borgeet, literally meaning the songs of higher stature, refers to the songs created by SRIMANTA SANKARDEVA and SRI SRI MADHAVDEVA, who were the pioneers of Bhakti Movement in the North Eastern parts of the country.  Borgeet has been representing the highest form of culture in the region for more than 500 YEARS now.
The ‘PROJECT BORGEET’ is an endeavor in order to bring out the universality of these holy songs that remained unknown beyond a localized confinement for various reasons. It is an honest effort to explore and re-interpret the cultural legacy bestowed upon us. ‘PROJECT BORGEET’ encompasses hundreds of musicians from different corners of the globe altogether in the process of its production. From the flamboyant "85-PIECE ORCHESTRA at Fames Project - Orchestral Music Recording, MACEDONIA" to the ravishing artists of "SHILLONG CHORAL", ‘PROJECT BORGEET’ has been a Global Journey from every aspect.
This project is spiritual celebration of musical universality on the pedestal of a heritage that has been alive for more than five centuries. This project is a process of assimilation while paying tribute to juxtaposed cultural traits at the same time.


Original Song by Sri Sri Madhavdeva
Singer : Mizee Geetashree

Music : Anurag Saikia (Revisited, Researched, Orchestrated, Conceptualised and Designed)

Produced by Shyamantak Gautam (Zeal Creations)

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Are Kompito
Anurag Saikia,Mizee
Are Kompito
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